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The Starbucks Secret Menu Iced Chai Tea Pumpkin Latte is a Fall Must-Have!
😏However, we were calling out this brand new pumpkin drink – fresh off the Starbucks secret menu! We’re calling it the Starbucks Pumpkin King and lucky for you, I’m sharing exactly how you can order one on your own and become King (or Queen) this fall. One TikTok user recently shared this new concoction, calling it the Scarecrow drink, but after trying it for ourselves, we’ve dubbed it the Starbucks Pumpkin King. 😍So what’s in the Starbucks Pumpkin King? 👌Here’s what my Hip sidekick, Alana, had to say about the Pumpkin King drink:“This is by far my favorite Fall pumpkin drink – I’ve actually ordered it two days in a row already because I’m that obsessed!
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