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New Love Bug Frappuccino - Starbucks Secret Menu Drink
But not just any love bug… we’re sharing exactly how to order the Starbucks Love Bug Frappuccino to leave your cup of love overflowing! 😉Thanks to Totally the Bomb, we’re bringing you an all-new secret menu drink perfect for Valentine’s Day, so whether you’re looking to spoil yourself or someone you love, this Love Bug Frappuccino will be the way to your (or their) heart. Here’s what’s in this delicious Starbucks Love Bug Frappuccino:Strawberry Creme FrappuccinoRaspberry SyrupFrappuccino ChipsMocha DrizzleCookie Crumble…Mmmmmmm!!! When ordering the love bug frappuccino in different sizes, make sure to include the necessary adjustments for your secret menu syrup & frappuccino chip add-ins. If you love some chocolate truffles, I think you’re going to totally love this drink.
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