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Mini Pancake Cereal is the Ultimate Recipe Hack & It's Easy to Make!
Mini pancake cereal is the new life hack that turns ordinary pancakes into teeny tiny pancakes that are spoonable (or forkable). Watch the video below to see Stetson in action making his own pancake cereal to enjoy! You’ll just need some of your favorite pancake mix (or make your own), one Ziploc bag, maple syrup, your favorite pancake toppings, and a bowl to put it all in. We have the best keto pancake recipe over on our sister site, Hip2Keto, so you can hop on the pancake cereal train, too. Ingredients Your favorite pancake mixPlastic bagGriddle or panMaple syrupOther toppings (optional) Directions 1 Make pancake batter by either using your favorite recipe or boxed mix.
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