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9 Places to Buy Pre-Made Thanksgiving Dinner
If cooking Thanksgiving dinner in 2020 isn’t your idea of enjoying Thanksgiving and it brings on too much stress, consider buying a deliciously cooked meal instead! Here’s what’s included in their Farmhouse Turkey Thanksgiving Feast: Slow-Roasted TurkeyBread & Celery DressingCornMashed Potatoes with GravyGreen Beans with HamCranberry RelishRollsCherry Supreme Pie2. Here’s what their Thanksgiving Feast includes: Sliced White Meat TurkeyHomestyle GravyRoasted Garlic Mashed PotatoesSpicy Italian Sausage StuffingGreen BeansCranberry SaucePumpkin Pie4. Not only can you buy the perfect kitchenware at Williams Sonoma, but now you can also score the perfect gourmet Thanksgiving dinner. Here’s what you’ll get with their Complete Thanksgiving Turkey Dinner that serves 8: Willie Bird Turkey (your choice of free-range, organic, etc.)
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