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3-Wick Candles from $11.50 (Regularly $25)
Stock up on your fave Bath & Body Works items! For a limited time, head to Bath & Body Works where are having their Winter Sale and offering up to 50% off your favorite items – both in-store and online! Check out these deals…Bath & Body Works 3-Wick CandlesAs low as $11.50 (regularly $24.50)Bath & Body Works Hand SoapsAs low as $3.75 (regularly $7.50+)Bath & Body Works Body LotionsAs low as $3.13 (regularly $13.50+)Bath & Body Works offers a very generous return policy. Returns without a receipt: Your return will be subject to the return policy posted at the time of your return. Bath & Body Works will accept up to $250 in non-receipted returns with a 90 day period (this does not include defective merchandise).
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